Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From Tanzania Mitindo House Fashion Friday- The Shopping Spree

 The place is full of all African print goodies...for males,females and even kids!
 Designers for Tanzania Mitindo House were busy selling their pieces...
 From dresses, skirts and even jewelry
 Sandals of all colors and sizes...all found at Tanzania Mitindo House!
 Spoilt for choices!!
 Laptop bag made out of "Gunia" and a mix of Kitenge....plus,the male shirt as modeled by Matukio
 I came across this African print shoe...damn!! Plus,you can get it with a matching purse,earrings...all made by Linda. To make it better, you can take your shoes to her,and she turns them to THIS!!
 Fellow blogger,Shamim of 8020Fashions carrying a fabulous African "Kikapu" bag!!
It was an amazing Fashion Friday...and if you missed it,see you next month!!

PS:. Thanks for the goodie bags Khadija Mwanamboka....sponsored by REDD'S elegant drink!

Missie Popular

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